Student Festival Fashion

Festival fashion trends 2021

The traditional attire of the Vietnamese in the north is a pajama set for men. A robe, bra, and trousers for women, brown color is usually worn. In the south both men and women wear pajamas.

At present, the costumes resemble western clothing. Traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people tend to be very simple and modest.

In past times, there were strict dress codes. Ordinary people were not allowed to wear clothes with dyes other than black, brown, or white. Costumes in yellow were reserved for the King. Those in purple and red were reserved for high ranking court officials, while dresses in blue were exclusively worn by petty women officials. Men's dress has gradually changed along with social development. The traditional set of a long gown gave way to more modern looking suits, while business shirts and pants have replaced traditional long-sleeved shirts and wide pants. Traditional costumes still exist and efforts are increasingly being made to bring back traditional festivals and entertainment with traditional costumes.

Every ethnic group in Vietnam has its own style of clothing. Festivals are the occasion for all to wear their favorite clothes. Over thousands of years, the traditional clothing of all ethnic groups in Vietnam has changed, but each ethnic group has separately maintained its own characteristics. In the mountain areas, people live in houses built on stilts, wear pants or skirts, and vests with designs imitating wildflowers and beasts. In the northern uplands and the Centr